Q? How Many Your Minimum order?

A. Our minimum order is 25 units/COLOR/STYLE, BUT YOU CAN MIX THE SIZE

Q? What Should I Prepare To Start Business With You?
A. If you have never worked with a clothing manufacturer you will need a bit of experience and information for us to work with. Listed below are the steps of how each   new client initially begins the working relationship with us
1. List a brief description of what you are wanting to produce i.e.: Casual day wear or Cotton kids t-shirts etc.
2. Specify the type of fabric you are thinking of using (Woven or knitted fabrics)
3. Send us Spec sheets, these are documents that contain technical drawings of   each item you want to produce with any relevant information
4. If you don’t have Spec sheets you can provide us with an actual sample that we can copy and/or modify to your requirements.
If you are not sure regarding any of these 4 points, don’t worry! we will try our best to get back to you ASAP!

Q? Appointment To Meet And  Who Can We Meet There?
You can send a message or email  to make an appointment to contact us at our office.

And you can find KIKI or Gede to deal with and talk directly about what aspires you make for  your business.

Q? When Can I Come To Your Office?
A.  Our office is open everyday from Monday to Saturday.

Monday – Friday open at 9:00am to5:00 pm.

Saturday we are open until 3:00pm.

Q? What About The Size That A Standard?
A.  For size we follow international size for women, men and children. But if you have a standard size alone we can adjust.

Q?  What Type Of Costs Are Involved?
A.  One of the most common questions is the cost involved and what short of out lay you will be looking at. The main thing we will charge is the cost of patrun and replace the fabric you will use. But you can supply your own fabric or any detail accessories for your design.

Cost obviously depends on what you want to make. In order to give an accurate cost of an item i will need either a Design, Spec or a sample.
Sampling is subjected to a 100% loading fee of the Production price.

Developing Your Own Fabric

o          Customer must provide us with a pantone U (for dye) color or a swatch of color desired.

o          Minimum order 100 mtr per color.

o          Lab dip proofing will be sent to the customer in approx. 1 – 2 week days for approval.

o          Once approved, production takes about 2 week

Custom Printed Fabric (poly/spandex/woven)

o We offer digital printing on the type of fabric woven and sublimation ON TYPE Poly Spandex for a review swimwear

o Customer must provide us with high resolution PDF artwork file.

o Examples of sublimation digital printing will be affected depending on the cost and design examples that will be used.

o Fabric inspection takes 7-10 business days.

o For sublimation printing is no minimum order quantity. We print in accordance with your order.

Custom Labels, Hang Tags & Logos

Customer must provide digital version of the logo and size measurements. Once art work is received we will make a mock up for your review.


  • Satin label: minimum order 3,000 pieces. Production time 7-10 days.
  • Woven labels: minimum order 3,000 pieces. 10 days for proofing, 10 days production after approval.
  • Screen printing one color labels: includes company name, wash instructions and size.

Hang tags:

  • 300g paper thickness
  • Minimum order: 500 pieces.
  • Takes 7-10 days for sample, another 10 days for production after approval.
  • Price depends on the size and colors of your logo.


  • Rubber logos or plaques.
  • Depending on your desired logo, one-time set up fee applies for mold creation, which takes up to 14 days.
  • Minimum order: 1,000 pieces.
  • Production time up to 2 weeks after mold is created.
  • Heat transfer logos: one time set up fee, which is based on size and colors of your logo.

If you still have any questions who do not mentioned here. You could send us email at contact us.

Q? When Production Can Be Started?

A. Once a design and sample has been agreed on, Adhi fashion will produce the required garments, with regular updates on the process. On most occasions, we are able to complete your order earlier than the completion date.

Q? How do you ensure the quality that you make appropriate as it could be?

A.Once a garment is made, we check that it passes out 5 point quality check. No garment leaves our factory, if the garment does not pass this test.

Q? What about packaging?

A. Your garments can be packaged using your packaging, including swing tags, pricing, or alternatively we can supply printed bags, or boxes etc, printed with your logos and address etc. Your order can be ready for your shop shelves. Please ask us what we can offer you.

Q? What about the delivery of goods I ordered? (Shipping)

  • For samples: EMS, TNT door-to-door service, which has to be approved and pre-paid by customer.
  • For bulk orders: TNT and FedEx door-to-door service or port to port service.
  • Or we can provide service with our close partner cargo shipper, which we will put you in contact with.