In service we have many partnerships with various companies and people associated with this business, so you can leave everything to us. Also this is supported by our highly experienced employees to look for things that you need.
  • Pattern maker

Once a design is created, Adhi Fashion can make and grade patterns for the specific sizing you require.

At the beginning of the process we do need a pattern that matches the size and shape you want. Then you need to know details about what you want to create. And while you have size on your design and then we can help you to make the pattern, where the pattern we could use to cut fabric according to the shape and size you want.
Our people make the pattern is people who are very experienced in this, and we also are able to provide solutions for problems you may have / are facing. But while you have the image and the size of the top design that you want, anything else we can help you to overcome them.


Your garments can be packaged using your packaging, including swing tags, pricing,or alternatively we can supply printed bags, or boxes etc, printed with your logos and address etc. Your order can be ready for your shop shelves. Please ask us what we can offer you.

Custom Labels, Hang Tags & Logos

Customer must provide digital version of the logo and size measurements. Once art work is received we will make a mock up for your review.

A. Hang tags:

  • 300g or more paper thickness
  • Minimum order: 500 pieces.
  • Takes 7-10 days for sample, another 10 days for production after approval.
  • Price depends on the size and colors of your logo.

B. Labeling:

Adhi Fashion can use your labels, or we can have labels made for you to your design.

We can have embroidered labels or printed satin labels made at affordable costs.Satin label: minimum order 3,000 pieces. Production time 7-10 days.

  • Woven labels: minimum order 3,000 pieces. 10 days for proofing, 10 days production after approval.
  • Screen printing one color labels: includes company name, wash instructions and size.

C. Logos:

  • Rubber logos or plaques.
  • Depending on your desired logo, one-time set up fee applies for mold creation, which takes up to 14 days.
  • Minimum order: 1,000 pieces.
  • Production time up to 2 weeks after mold is created.
  • Heat transfer logos: one time set up fee, which is based on size and colors of your logo.

If you still have any questions who do not mentioned here. You could send us email at contact us.


Sometimes you have a design that requires the design of embroidery that looks like you want. Then you just give us an image, size, color and layout that you want and we will solve the rest.

 Screen Printing & small format photo quality sublimation/digital print

Screen Printing

When you want a design image on the shirt and pants of your order, then our company can make it for you. In our company using a rotary table with 6 screen. Wherein each screen using one color and this can accelerate the process in addition to print your design is supported by our employees who are already very experienced.


Sublimation Print

There are times when you wish all your design contains the whole picture and you want digital process then we can help you realize it. Because we work with the best company that can make this happen for you.
We need just a design that you are prepared in Corel Draw and Photoshop format with a high resolution (minimum 300pixel). And there is no minimum order, but of course if you order in small quantities or large quantities, the price you get will be different.

  • Fabric dyeing and textile printing (manual, and large format printing)

Adhi Fashion can organize fabric printing, dyeing, tie-dyeing, Screen printing or batik. When you do not get the color of the fabric as you want, then we can offer a solution to you to get the color with dye manner. And you can add a design on the fabric with the style that you want

  • Sourcing (fabrics and accessories)

When you do not know where you have to get linen and other accessories you need for your order, you can leave it to us while you give us an overview of what you need and when we get it we will confirm it to you over the phone (if you be around us / Bali) or email accompanied by a photo and other information. So that you will feel as if you were here with us.


  • For samples: EMS, TNT door-to-door service, which has to be approved and pre-paid by customer.
  • For bulk orders: TNT and FedEx door-to-door service or port to port service.
  • Or we can provide service with our close partner cargo shipper, which we will put you in contact with.